Global Cyber Consultants was founded in 2016, recognizing the need to bridge the gap between cyber security and traditional risk management. As our team and worldwide presence continued to develop, we have attracted industry leaders from around the world to provide our clients with unmatched intellectual capital and a full-range of consulting solutions from executive consulting & digital strategy to implementing & managing cybersecurity solutions & compliance for global organizations that has proven invaluable to  our clients as we work with them to substantially decrease costs, while increasing security and asset protection.


At Global Cyber Consultants, we have a mission to be recognized as a global consulting firm capable of advising business leaders across all areas of their operations. To achieve this, we have established an internal culture that supports our team members so that we are always engaged and motivated to be customer centric and advocate solely on behalf of our client without any conflicts of interest commonly found within the operating business environment. Our team is full of big dreamers who work relentlessly to give our customers the best available resources to grow their business, keep it protected and integrate emerging technologies as we usher into the digital era.


Our team of worldwide experts have developed and advised on leading technological advancements from Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to FinTech and the Internet-of-Things as we help firms in the development stages of their technology and advise corporate clients on how to appropriately integrate these technologies. Our core belief for both innovative start-ups and corporate enterprises is that they must "use technology of tomorrow, that integrates into business models of today, that ultimately communicates to the culture of yesterday." Other types of business will certainly thrive, but they will not be considered "innovative."


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Founder & Chairman
Steven Schwartz is the Founder of Global Cyber Consultants and has built the US business of the international cybersecurity firm, Cyberfense. A noted thought leader on the topic of risk management of cyber related assets like personal data, Steven is a Founding Board Member of the International Personal Data Trade Association and the Co-Founder of the Clean Data Institute. Recently named "New York City's 2017 33 Under 33," Steven has personally consulted, managed and negotiated the risk management & insurance programs for worldwide, publicly-traded entities in excess of $50m in Annual Premiums. He was previously a Senior Managing Consultant and SVP of Business Development at UIC, Inc., one of the world's largest, independent risk management and insurance consulting firms, advising Fortune 1,000 Companies across 40 countries. Steven began his career as a Big Data Analyst and Data QA Engineer at healthcare analytics firm, TreoSolutions, helping to drive the 9 figure sale of the company after 5 years of operations.
​Mr. Schwartz is both a Licensed Investment Advisor and Licensed Insurance Producer, serving as the InsureTech Advisor to blockchain consortium, Agentic Group. He received his MBA with a concentration in Finance & Economics from Union College and a B.S., Cum Laude, in Accounting from Siena College
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Chief Revenue Officer
Abigail Keena serves as the Chief Revenue Officer at Global Cyber Consultants. Ms. Keena is responsible for business development and marketing for GCC while also playing a crucial role in diagnosing customer problems as they seek to traverse the traction gap. Prior to joining our team, Ms. Keena served as Director of Sales, Strategy & Effectiveness at Infor, Inc., where she oversaw global Field Operations and Strategy across all business units for License Sales, its largest revenue source. At Infor, Abigail’s responsibilities included the development and implementation of go-to-market sales strategies, business planning, organizational sourcing, and sales effectiveness to enhance revenue growth, customer reach and overall market positioning. Ms. Keena is a veteran of Marketing & Advertising space, having previously held management finance roles within both WPP & IPG holding companies. Abigail also consults to venture capital firms, private/angel investors, and startup firms on issues such as marketing, financial condition and business strategy.
Abigail has over a decade of experience in operational and corporate finance, client/investor relations, and organizational structuring. Her expertise in acquisition integrations, corporate restructuring, cash flow analysis and financial modeling bring a unique, diversified skillset to our team. 
Ms. Keena received a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Stony Brook University and is currently pursuing an advanced degree in Strategic Intelligence and International Affairs. She is an active member of various non-profit organizations throughout the community. 
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Chief Technology Officer
Duc Nguyen brings roughly 20 years of extensive technical cybersecurity and data analytics experience, with digital forensic expertise in internal investigations and external law enforcement. Duc is the North American Director of Forensic Technology at global forensic accounting and consulting firm, RGL Forensics, and has held positions as an Information Risk Analyst at JP Morgan, Computer Forensic Examiner for the Fort Worth Police Department and as an Aviation Electrician and Computer Programmer for the United States Marine Corps, among others. He is a Certified Forensic Computer Examiner by the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists and is a Mentor for the Utica College Cybersecurity Graduate Program. His technical experience encompasses software development, computer technician and tech stack development, avionics electrician, computer and cybersecurity forensics, mobile forensics, DVR acquisition and analysis, JTAG and chip-off data acquisitions, and data loss prevention analysis.
​Mr. Nguyen studied cybersecurity at Texas A&M and holds the following professional credentials: CompTIA, Security+ Certified, Certified Forensic Computer Examiner by the IACIS and is a GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner. Duc has testified as an expert witness for digital forensic examinations related to various types of criminal cases while he was a detective in the Digital Forensic Unit of the Fort Worth Police Department.
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Senior Advisor
Rick Schwartz is a dynamic relationship manager with more than 20 years experience and expertise in cybersecurity and compliance background. Prior to joining, GCC, Rick was was a Technology and Compliance Sales Specialist, leading the Compliance and Due Diligence team for one of New York City's largest Managed Service Providers servicing more than 500 Hedge Funds and Private Equity Firms. As such, Rick plays a critical role in growing our business practice, with a primary focus on compliance and cybersecurity. In this capacity, he leads the team in strategically evaluating both our own service capabilities and the cybersecurity programs of our clients across a variety of industries and services. 
Rick has his MBA with a concentration in Risk Management from Saint Peters College and was a 2-sport athlete at Hofstra University, where he received his BA in Business Management. 
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Director, Software Security

Martin has over 20 years experience of providing organizations with strategies to manage business risks associated with open source software such as IP compliance, security vulnerability management and procurement. With more organizations leveraging open source software to develop, modify or contract in bespoke software development utilizing 3rd party open source components, there is a need to ensure companies manage the business risks associated with this strategy. Martin has created a set of services to help organizations manage business risk created by custom software development and is a globally recognized industry leader. He is actively involved within the industry to create best practices and standards through organizations such as TechUK and the OpenUK Industry Association for Software Asset Management. He is the Open Source SIG Lead for TeckUK's CTO Council and actively engaged by different industry groups to advise on Software Development

​Mr. Callinan is a Director at Oxonix, an Oxfordshire-based group of dedicated entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers and clinical researchers committed to designing and developing next-generation medical information management systems to better-enable investigators of dementia data. Martin graduated from the University of Central England with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
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Director, IP and Trade Secrets

Since 2013, Donal has been included in the IAM 300 as one of the world's leading Intellectual Property Strategist, identified as offering operating companies and other IP owners world-class advice on maximizing the value of their intellectual property.     

Put simply, Donal helps clients to appreciate their intellectual capital, trade secrets, assets and property to ensure that they then manage these intangibles in an efficient and effective manner. He has developed a suite of proprietary IP and Trade Secret software tools for SMEs, Law Firms and IP Firms and continues to advise Multi-National Corporations, Financial Services Entities, Legal/IP Firms and Universities. Formerly the VP of R&D and Director of IP at Nokia, Donal has a wide and varied experience in the wireless telecoms industry, having worked for periods in the Netherlands, UK, USA, Finland, and HK. As well as being responsible for the creation of new patents, the team also had responsibility for 3rd party patent risk mitigation, IP Agent network management, and IP processes, systems and tools. Donal has been a member of the Executive Board of the Eco Patent Commons initiative as well as Chair of the CPA Global Memotech IUG. 

Donal has written two books, "Inside the Patent Factory" and "Harvesting External Innovation" on the subject of collaborative innovation and IP, with a number of papers published in magazines and web sites around the world. Mr. O'Connell is an Adjunct Professor at the Imperial College London and graduated with a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering from the University of Limerick
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Non-Executive Director
James Felton Keith is an award winning engineer, economist and author who defined #PersonalData. JFK is Chairman of the International Personal Data Trade Association and is frequent keynote at global events including the Future Tech Congress, Money 20/20 and Hope Global Forums. James has recently been honored as a United Nations International Young Leaders Assembly member, the United Kingdom’s Technology & Investment Financial Technology Delegation, an IBM Global Entrepreneur and on the US Department of Homeland Security's Commitment to Diversity. He has founded and incubated several companies, most recently in NYC he has founded several companies that include a global ecosystem of Cyber RegTech via Cyberfense with Steven Schwartz, and the IBM Watson predictive analytics FinTech Firm, Accrue Inc. JFK is an expert in the ethnography of technology or the study of the culture of tech, spending the the past 20 years between 4 continents specializing in efforts to derive solutions to problems in enterprise and policy and has dedicated his life's work to economic inclusion through building systems that enable individuals to own more of their seemingly intrinsic value.
JFK has his Masters in International Finance from Harvard University, his MBA with a concentration in Ethnography & Technology from Lawrence Technological University and his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Tuskegee University. He also the Chairman of the Keith Institute, a non-profit think tank and research institute that supports adult, youth, and corporate programs to spur education and economic inclusion.


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