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Cyber Security Risk Assessments

Manage risks and prevent cybercrime from impacting your data, balance sheet and reputation. We'll help you build a comprehensive cyber strategy to better

protect financial health and business relationships. We'll generate a Risk Roadmap that prioritizes risks to help you plan and budget improvements over time as you grow into a "cyber" program. Our Decision Support System provided step-by-step recommendations on how to achieve the next Cyber Maturity Level across globally recognized security standards, inclusive of managing

3rd Party Vendor Assessments

Information Security Policies

Lack of clarity in information security policies can lead to catastrophic damages which cannot be recovered. So an organization makes different strategies in implementing a security policy successfully. An information security policy provides management direction and support for information security across the organization. Proper security measures need to be implemented to control and secure information from unauthorised changes, deletions and disclosures and security policies are intended to define what is expected from employees within an organisation with respect to information systems. Secondarily, without a clearly defined open source software policy, organizations cannot control and manage security, IP, licensing and copyright risk in their software applications. The policies defined will guide organisations on strategic decision making processed in managing their cyber seurity risks and risk in open source software

Cyber and IP Assurance

Inadequate policies and expensive premiums are keeping many organisations from buying Cyber and IP insurance. From the Cyber Insurance side, companies need adequate contract language to indemnify them for "business interruption" losses if they suffer a network intrusion or loss in addition to insuring the liability due to customers from security vulnerabilities that originated within their network or software code supplied to the customers. Intellectual Property insurance is intended to cover the theft of client Intellectual Property and Intellectual Property violations where software developers have used 3rd party components in breach of IP and Licensing obligations. Beyond software, Global Cyber Consultants can help

companies manage broad intangible

IP Risk in light of recent legislation requiring companies to manage Trade Secrets. If a company fails to take adequate steps to protect their valuable Trade Secrets, then

such assets may become extremely fragile

and impossible to defend in court

Continuous Maintenance

An end-to-end, proactive Continuous Maintenance service to manage business risk from bespoke software development through to compliance with industry regulations. Includes continuous maintenance, open source software policy creation, licensing/Intellectual Property management, and cyber security management to ensure Legal Risk/License IP Compliance, identification of any Security Vulnerabilities in real time and effectively managed operational risk. The end result is non-disruptive while providing the executable transparency

Employee Cyber Training

According to new research, typical cyber safety training offers inadequate protection against your single greatest security threat: your people. When 95% of all breaches are caused by human error, according to IBM, 

preparing your people is the most critical factor in keeping your company cyber safe. But are your people truly threat readyGlobal Cyber Consultants is uniquely qualified to close the serious gaps in today’s typical cyber safety communications. We actively work with our clients to implement a custom-fit, research-based cyber security awareness campaign, backed by behavioral change, which includes advanced learning techniques for long-term retention, broad scope of multimedia

and multichannel communications and year-round implementation assistance. 

Cyber Security Solutions

Whether you need high-level strategy or technical expertise, our cyber security experts are highly experienced in mitigating your cyber security exposure through advising and implementing cyber security products, security architecture development, e-discovery and cyber forensics, incident response and proactive cybersecurity leadership. With leading cyber security partners such as DarkTrace, ThreatReady Resources and AllClearID to name a few, we make certain that each client has a highly qualified cyber security team to address cyber security concerns of each client. With a broad range of industry experts, our cyber security team is able to advise on all areas of the cyber security puzzle whether your firm is a global corporation or a newly

developed Internet of Things, FinTech or Blockchain Firm, among others. Your firm will get access to our consortium of worldwide industry leaders ready to

keep your business secure

Technical Due Diligence

Organisations seeking funding or venture capitalists seeking to invest in technology companies should review current cyber security solutions and software source code for potential issues related to security vulnerabilities, intellectual property, copyright & patents issues as well as any potential conflicts. The VC Service creates a framework policies and processes to ensure risk is not engineered into software code which could affect a return on investment. This is translated into corporate organizations as we review their current security posture and software

Software Procurement Services

Organizations are continuously striving to be more efficient, competitive and agile while seeking to reduce operating costs. IT plays a major role in achieving these goals and open source software solutions coupled with open standard interfaces are designed to enable this approach. Our team aligns IT Procurement with open source software demand, implement a buy once - use many strategy of professional re-usable software to address organizational requirements. Access training, tool kits and services to help procurement professionals and IT leadership to effectively evaluate open source software based solutions and the related services offered by solution providers. As with any form of software or technology project, implementation is highly important and our experts will guide you towards success.

Global Compliance

With new regulations such as the EU GDPR and the New York Department of Financial Services Cyber Security Regulation, our advisors successfully guide our clients to ensure adequate compliance with the varied global standards as it related to both cyber security and overall operations.We work with each client to integrate Policy, Processes, Technology and Services to ensure each client's entire organization (Legal, Management, HR, Operations, Software Development, etc...) is able to understand why the different policies and procedures are implemented and the benefits to both the individual and the organization for adhering to same. With our Global Compliance as a Service in place, an organization can extend this ethos of transparency by sharing any relevant data points internally and externally as required. Leverage our Business Intelligence to Drive Return on Investment and Customer Value

The Alarming Numbers Behind

Cyber Security Risks

$7 Million

The Average Organizational Cost of a Data Breach in the United States

$475 Billion

The Annual Global Cost of

Cyber Crime is More

Than $475 Billion

$221 Per Record

$221 is the Average Cost per Lost or Stolen Record in the United States

71% SMBs

71% of last year's security incidents were targeted at Small-to-Medium Businesses

60% Out of Business

Of the Small Business affected by a data breach, 60% were out of business in 6 months

95% Human Error

95% of security incidents are a result of human error, whether unintentional or malicious


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