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Facing Up to the Personal Data Dilemma

Facing Up to the Personal Data Dilemma

Conflict between the #GDPR and Digital Economy Bill over #personaldata rights provides for confusion and conflict in the handling of personal data in years to come. In one regard, the GDPR imposes strict restrictions on personal data, emphasising the principle of consent for it to be shared with other parties. Conversely, the Digital Economy Bill has received criticism in that it provides the government with too much control over personal data, allowing for it to be shared without consent of the party from which the data originated.

The obvious tension between the two regulations could create a confused situation and undermine the recent growth in confidence around data sharing. That said, I personally do not believe that the majority of individuals have a real clue as to how much personal data is being collected on them. Whether it is their Google searches or every smart device in their home, data is growing to be the biggest commodity in the world whether we realize it or not.

The question, is how do we integrate the best components from each regulation such that personal data is not abused, but used to increase efficiency and value. Regardless of the outcome, the answer lies with each user having to OWN their Personal Data so that they know what is and is not being shared and so that they can quantify their value as we move towards the Digital Era.

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