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Global Cyber Consultants President Steven Schwartz to Discuss "Startups and Security" amon

Startups and Security Panel Discussion

Startups are encouraged to "move fast and break things." How do you factor security into your startup when your primary goal is iterating fast and getting to market? In what ways is it important for startups to pay attention to security? Join us for our expert panel of startup founders and cyber-security experts as we discuss this relevant issue.

*** Panel ***

Eric Typaldos is the CTO and Co-Founder of Hive. Hive brings together your team’s actions, messages and files onto one powerful dashboard. Join the productive teams that call Hive home.

Steven Schwartz is a Tech and Digital Innovation Evangelist, Corporate Advisor and Leadership in Insurance, Personal Data and Cybersecurity.

Mario DiNatale is the Chief Information Officer at Spectrum Digital.

Tom Goldenberg, the host, is CTO and Co-Founder of Commandiv, an investment tool that streamlines robo-advising and self-directed trading.

*** Schedule ***

6:00 PM - sign in at WorkBench (our host). 30 minutes to grab drinks and mingle

6:30 PM - panel starts

7:30 PM - 30 minutes at the end to discuss and mingle some more

*** Notes ***

We will be asking a $5 suggested donation to cover venue expenses (non-mandatory). You can pay using the "Chip In" button to the left of the meetup page. Your support goes a long way!

Also, a big thank you to WorkBench for hosting this event. WorkBench is an enterprise-focused venture fund.

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