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Business Development

Scott Vogel

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

I've known Steven and his team at GCC for a couple of years now. They are extremely knowledgeable  about all phases of insurance, and was always able to get us the best coverages at the best prices. He and his team are on the cutting edge of cyber insurance, as this has become an increasingly important part of all businesses necessary coverage.

I'd highly recommend Steven and his team!

Joel Bennett

Director of Risk Management

Over the last several years, the team at Global Cyber Consultants has managed our dynamic insurance program, negotiating precise coverage terms with cost reductions across our program. With more than $100M in nationwide loans, Global Cyber Consultants has been a critical partner for our success and I would recommend their service to anyone

James Felton Keith

CxO Keynote on Inclusion, Data & Cyber

Steven thinks on the edge of opportunity. He's able to place technology of  tomorrow in a context of today, so that  real innovation can occur. He is hawkish on where insurance is going and how to apply the latest in FinTech to the emerging "InsureTech." I've been learning more and more by watching how he actively  critiques the industry and am proud to be joining him as a Director at Global Cyber Consultants. 

Kyle Brody


As an Internet of things (IoT) development firm, GCC has been a critical advisor to our team with industry insights and expertise we've needed as we continue to scale our business. They have been extremely helpful in opening up opportunities for new revenue streams and has connected us with key players within his network and industry. I would highly recommend GCC as an invaluable partner I am looking forward to continuing to work with him as we grow our IoT company.

Trenholm Palmer

Founder &


I've had the pleasure of both working with Steve and developing a personal friendship with him over the past several years. I've witnessed his strong communications skills, leadership, and technical knowledge empower the team at Global Cyber Consultants to help guide clients through complex and competitive business situations. I recommend GCC and would work with them again.

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